A FREE WORKSHOP at Dark Star Philosophia, Bearskin neck, Rockport
On Friday, October 24, at 7 -9 pm

Join us in free workshop on Friday night, learn about Quantum Healing and how it can be beneficial for you.

Quantum Healing:
This technique originated from the theory of quantum physics. The practitioner slows down her brain to the Theta frequency level, connecting to the client’s energy and working on the desired goal of the client. The technique is based on finding the core belief which is standing in the way of a healthy or happy life of the individual. Then it replaces that for a new healthy belief or habit which supports the desired outcome. The exchange of the belief happens on an energetic (atomic) level. In this technique, the practitioner uses intuition, channeling, kinesiology, muscle testing, Reiki and positive affirmations.

healing from physical problems and illnesses, re-balancing from stress, depression and anxiety, healing emotional and mental pains and traumas, improving relationships, healing from addictions, healing karma, removing curses and old vows, improving wellness and abundance, and getting on the right path with a career and life purpose.


Reiki classes and classes on energy system are available through the year when offered with a minimum number of students. Private classes are available by appointment.