Reiki is a popular healing system in the United States and in the western world. In translation it means Universal Life Force Energy. Many people were attuned to Reiki and there are many Reiki Masters/Teachers as well. It is not a secret teaching any more as it was; thousands of years ago in Buddhist monasteries. The discovery of Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk living in the 19th century, made Reiki available for anyone who desired to learn it.

This simple technique allows us, Reiki practitioners, to channel the Universal Life Force to any living thing.  Reiki treatment has many physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual benefits, especially when treatments happen on a frequent basis.

During a session, a  fully-clothed client is lying down on a massage table. The practitioner slowly moves her hands on or above the client’s body, channeling the Universal Life Force Energy into the client’s body. Reiki has powerful calming effects, which usually brings a client to an Alpha brain level state. The final result improves personal openness and ability for relaxation, peace, harmony and healing.


Seichem is an ancient Egyptian healing technique that was rediscovered inside Egyptian pyramids by Patrick Zeigler. It is an elemental energy, which feels similar to Reiki. Generally, with Reiki and Seichem there are 4 elemental energies with specific qualities, that are used in healing techniques.

Reiki and Seichem are a safe, simple, yet powerful healing ‘package’. It is good for all ages of people, as well as for animals.  Young children and animals are especially receptive to Reiki energy, with fast and positive results.


Benefits of Reiki and Seichem:

  • Relaxation
  • Removes pain
  • Heals the body, mind and spirit
  • Improves healthy sleeping patterns
  • Helps the body to detoxify
  • Clears body from addictions
  • Heals depression, calms from stress
  • Helps to improve the immune system
  • Helps the body to recover after surgery or chemotherapy
  • Lowers the diastolic heart rate and blood pressure
  • Strengthens spiritual connection and creativity

1 hr Reiki/Seichem session – $75.
4 sessions – Reiki/Seichem – $270
Please mind 24 hours cancellation policy!


Violet Flame

Violet Flame is a spiritual light perceived by many clairvoyants.  It is used for transformation of a negative energy/ emotions into love and light.  It is protective and loving energy that helps to heal and recover from traumatic events.  Violet Flame is applied during Reiki sessions, and taught during Reiki classes.


Distance Healing

Distance healing is as effective as hands-on healing, but is provided from a distance.  Distance healing can benefit anyone, and is not weakened by the physical distance between healer and patient.

1 Session $25


Reiki for Animals

For dogs, cats, horses…at your home

1 Session $70  (extra charge for 10 or more miles driving distance to site). 


Reiki and Seichem are not a substitute for professional medical treatment, nor are they intended to be.