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“Just wanted to say, thank you so much for my reiki treatment! It was a very positive journey…and I mean JOURNEY!
It was much more healing than I thought it would be and thank you for spending much time with me and for doing such a great job! I’ve been telling my closest friends and clients and especially the ones that randomly suggested reiki to me.
I so much saw (visually) my own weaknesses and became aware of how serious they were! They became visually augmented making it possible for me to see my own real damage that I need to better repair. Maybe this is true because I (we) tend to sweep things under the carpet as a coping mechanism! The awareness helps me everyday. This part of the journey was most helpful. I am doing a better job at nurturing myself as I see now how important that is.
The second most helpful thing that happened was being able to accept the people in my life for who they are. More importantly, “forgive them for not being who you wanted them to be.”  It’s easier to move on this way in any case and not be so sad or angry…a better way to live! Thanks for reminding me of this!
Your treatment and kind words and insight gave me a much needed fresh look at things. The quiet of your practice room was a unique space that also helped to calm my thoughts and to realize just how anxious I was. I am now aware of just how much I need to pay attention to improving upon that state of mind.
I can’t believe how much that treatment did for me. It was a great enhancement to my occasional talk therapy sessions.”
~ Laureen ~

“Silvie truly is a healer! I wasn’t sure how I would feel but had an open mind and she made me so relaxed and at peace. I highly recommend going to her and getting the Indian head treatment! You will really love it!”
~ Lindsay ~

“I saw Silvie Lockerova last week and she is AMAZING! I felt so refreshed and revived. She is magic! I highly recommend her healing touch. Can’t wait to go back! :)”
~ Julie ~

“Silvie is an amazing healer and a wonderful person. Her hands are like magic and I always walk out of my appointment feeling more vibrant and healthy.”
~ Annalei ~

“My tween daughter has some issues with anxiety, trouble falling asleep, etc.. A family therapist suggested Reiki treatments for her and recommended Silvie as a practitioner. I knew very little about Reiki and was skeptical going into the first appointment. My daughter seemed to enjoy the visit, so we went another week. Within 2-3 visits, the change in my daughter was astounding. She went from being somewhat shy and anxious to being more confident and happy. She even said “I feel more like myself”. She seems to be able to control her moods more effectively. Her overall energy is much more positive and radiant, and the whole family has benefited from the experience. I highly recommend Silvie. She is a talented practitioner who has made a big difference to my daughter.”
~ Justine ~

“Silvie does unbelievable healing work! Her reiki treatments were affective for myself immediately. She also treated my pet with reiki and I noticed a change in my kitty’s comfort dealing with her ailment! I highly recommend! Thanks Silvie!”
~ Lara ~

“Seeing my first client since receiving receiving attunements. My hands are still buzzing. I have been doing self treatments and love how the energy changes so quickly ‘on command’. Love it.”
~ Gail – Reiki Master/Teacher ~

“I am so grateful for the last class of wisdom, knowledge, info, technique, heart – You are a blessed channeler of healing & teaching – To me, you are a life changing teacher – gratitude, blessings, love.”
~ Geri ~